Cruise Control #1 L'hiver au chaud

01/Don Carlos - Alone (Flute House) + BMW Active Cruise Control
02/Madvillain avec Viktor Vaughn & Mos Def - Fancy Clown(remix)
03/Action Bronson - Shiraz
04/Fashawn - End Of The World
05/Hieroglyphics - You Never Knew
06/Blackalicious - Swan Lake
07/Kidz In The Hall - Go Ill
08/Big Daddy Kane - In The Pj'S
09/Artifacts - It's Gettin' Hot (K-Def remix)
10/MF Grimm - Agony (No Jugamos)
11/Grand Pubba - Big Kids Don't Play
12/Az - Make Me Fresh (Memphis Session)
13/Raskass - He Say She Say
14/Naughty By Nature - Chain Remains
15/Quincy Jones - 100 Ways

->Brrrat Wurst Bruda 02/2011