Tito n' Wilo - Les rangers du disque

02/Les yeux du ranger
03/Homme ou machine
05/La table de 2
06/C'est juste...
07/La vie est un jeu
09/Est-ce que t'es dedans?
10/Cocktail maestro

-> Kim Kong, Wilo, Tony Morales / Mauvais Présage 2011


Jour de Match #2

I ll Be Around
01/The Spinners - I´ll Be Around
02/Rappin 4-Tay - I´ll Be Around
03/Fresh Kid Ice - I´ll Be There
04/Charles Hamilton - I´ll Be Around
05/CB-Mass - Whistle
06/Nine - Any Emcee
07/Papoose - You Made Your Choice

01/William Bell - I Forget To Be Your Lover
02/Dilated People - Worst Comes To Worst
03/Killah Priest avec Tekitha & Hell Razah - One Step
04/Ludacris - Growing Pains
05/Brand Nubian - Lick Dem Muthaphucka
06/Vinnie Paz avec Apathy & Planetary - When You Need Me
07/People Under The Staires - Bomb Combo

->Brrrat Wurst Bruda 04/2011

Kim Kong - Bayonne Zoo

03/Si j'avais les sous
04/Cité balnéaire feat. Tony Morales
06/Les fleurs feat. JeeJee
07/Des hauts et des bas
08/Voilà le soleil
09/Eins feat. Cassius Cle
13/Né l'année du singe
14/64100 façons d'mourir feat JJ Willow

-> Kim Kong / Mauvais Présage 2010


Cruise Control #1 L'hiver au chaud

01/Don Carlos - Alone (Flute House) + BMW Active Cruise Control
02/Madvillain avec Viktor Vaughn & Mos Def - Fancy Clown(remix)
03/Action Bronson - Shiraz
04/Fashawn - End Of The World
05/Hieroglyphics - You Never Knew
06/Blackalicious - Swan Lake
07/Kidz In The Hall - Go Ill
08/Big Daddy Kane - In The Pj'S
09/Artifacts - It's Gettin' Hot (K-Def remix)
10/MF Grimm - Agony (No Jugamos)
11/Grand Pubba - Big Kids Don't Play
12/Az - Make Me Fresh (Memphis Session)
13/Raskass - He Say She Say
14/Naughty By Nature - Chain Remains
15/Quincy Jones - 100 Ways

->Brrrat Wurst Bruda 02/2011


Jour De Match #1

Sitting in the Park
1/Billy Stewart - Sitting in the Park
2/Butch Cassidy & Damizza - Cruzin'
3/HI-C - Sitting in the Park
4/Kurious - Sittin' in my Car
5/Slick Rick - Sittin' in my Car
6/Freddie Mc Gregor - Sitting in the Park

Winter Sadness
1/Kool & the Gang - Winter Sadness
2/Astonish - Can U Hear me
3/Ison & Fille avec Birgit Bidder - Ikväll Är Vi Kungar
4/Johnny J - Better Off
5/Tupac avec Big Syke - Picture me Rollin'
6/Nonamerz avec Gustavo & Maestro A-Sid - Жизнь Удалась
7/Pete Rock - Midnight and You

-> Brrrat Wurst Bruda 02/2011

Bayonne 2 Zion

01/King Tubby - Invasion
02/Lee Perry et The Upsetters - Jungle Lion
03/Prince Buster - Al Capone
04/The Special AKA - Gangsters
05/Musical Youth - Children Of Zion
06/Derrick Harriott - Brown Baby
07/Dj Quik - Me Wanna Rip You Girl
08/Shinehead - Billie Jean
09/Hortense Ellis - I'm Still In Love
10/Marcia Aitken - I'm Still In Love
11/Grace Jones - My Jamaican Guy
12/Alpha Blondy - Brigadier Sabari
13/Fu-Schnickens - Ring The Alarm
14/Keith Murray - Hustle On
15/Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
16/Linval Thompson - Seventy Nine Rock
17/Janet Kay - Lovin' You
18/John Holt - Will I Am
19/Interlude - The Rockers
20/Ghostface Killah - No No No
21/Linval Thompson - Dread Are The Controler
22/Kim Kong - La Couronne Sur La Tête
23/Jackie Mittoo - Juice Box
24/Derrick Harriott et Scotty - The Loser/Sesame Street
25/Inner Circle - Bad Boys

-> Brrrat Wurst Bruda 2010

Los Bandanas

01/Intro - Brown StolZ
02/Knight Owl - Here Come The Knight Owl
03/Tha MexakinZ - Instinct
04/Lighter Shade of Brown - On A Sunday Afternoon
05/Kurious Jorge-I'm Kurious
06/Fat Joe-Shorty Gotta Fat Ass
07/Mellow Man Ace - Mentirosa
08/Cypress Hill - Tres Equis
09/John Roberts - Sophisticated Funk (duke)
10/Delinquent Habits - Good Times
11/Funkdoobiest - Rock On
12/Cypress Hill - Throw Your Set In The Air
13/Kid Frost - Latin Kings
14/Big Pun - I'm Not A Player
15/Knight Owl - I'm Still Here
16/Knight Owl - Parte De La Routine
17/Senor Kaos - Check Out Your Mind
18/Kurious - Take What Is Given
19/Tha MexakinZ - Burnin'hot
20/Kid Frost - Mi Vida Loca
21/Outro - Easy Rider

-> Brrrat Wurst Bruda 2009


Coffret K7 Profaners 2 Tomb

#1 - Can You Dig It?
Intro/Mongolos United - Nu Skool
1/Billy Brooks - 40 Days
2/Love Unlimited Orchestra - Midnight Groove
3/Bob James - Theme From Taxi
4/The Whole Darn Family - 7 Minutes Of Funk
5/Bob James - Take Me To The Mardi Gras
6/Marvin Gaye - "T" Plays It Cool
7/The Just Brothers - Sliced Tomatoes

1/Aretha Franklin - One Step Ahead
2/Roy Ayers - We Live In Brooklyn Baby
3/Joe Simon - Drowning In The Sea Of Love
4/The Flamingos & The Complexions - I Only Have Eyes For You
5/Joe Williams avec Thad Jones & The Mel Lewis Orchestra - Get Off My Life Woman
6/Cymande - The Message
7/The Emotions - Blind Alley
8/Roy Ayers - Searching
Bonus/Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi
Outro/Intergalactical Transmission

#2 - Rock The Haunted House
Intro/Mongolos United - MOP (Mongolos "O" Pouvoir)
1/George Duke - Love You More
2/Exodus - Together For Ever
3/Chic - Soup For One
4/Chaka Khan - Fate
5/Tony Lee - Reach Up
6/Peper feat. Label 1 - Don't Push It Don't Force

1/7th Wonder - Daisy Lady
2/Vaughan Mason & Crew - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll
3/Dennis Coffey - Theme From Black Belt Jones
4/The Winstons - Amen, Brother
5/Hermann Kelly & Life - Dance To The Drummer's Beat
6/Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band - Apache
Bonus/Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real

#3 - Special J.B's
Intro/Mongolos United - Tu Kiffes Le Phonky
1/The JB's - JB's Monorail
2/The JB's - Blind Man Can See It
3/Fred Wesley & The JB's - Blow Your Head
4/Lyn Collins - Think (about it)
5/Vicki Anderson - Message from The Soul Sister
6/Maceo & The Macks - Soul Power 74

1/The JB's - Funky Drummer
2/Marva Whitney - Unwind Yourself
3/Vicki Anderson - I Want To Be In The Land Of Milk & Honey
4/Lyn Collins - Put It On The Line
5/Fred Wesley & The new JB's - Funky Music Is My Style
6/The JB's - Pass The Peas
Bonus Dimitri/Mega Machine James Brown

-> Ninja Tuning 2002

Rollin' In My 6-4

01/Intro - Chevy Impala 1964 + Bayonne City fm
02/Yaki Kadafi avec ThoroHeadz - Addicted To The Streets
03/Rashid Hadee - We Roll (Freestyle)
04/J.V.C F.O.R.C.E - Doin' Damage
05/Lord Finess & Dj Mike Smooth - Bad Mutha
06/Yaki Kadafi avec les Outlawz - Neva Can Say
07/Stetsasonics - The Odad
08/MC Eiht - Streiht Up Menace
09/Large Pro - In The Ghetto
10/Dj Quik - Jus Lyke Compton
11/Willie Hutch - Brother's Gonna Work It Out
12/Jay Dee - Fuck The Police
13/High Performance - The Hill
14/Domino - A.F.D.
15/Mad CJ Mack - Come and Take a Ride
16/Compton's Most Wanted - Late Night Hype
17/Thug Life - Poor Out a Little Liquor
18/Johnny J - Better Off
19/Mel-Low - B.G. Thang
20/2 Live Crew avec Sean Penn et Robert Duvall - Pussy (reprise) For Those Who Like To Fuck

-> Brrrat Wurst Bruda 2009